Our Strategic Goals Objectives

Art and Culture:

  • We aim to cooperate with art and cultural associations in order to:
  • ­   To help women to exhibit their artwork and showcase their talents.
  • ­   To help women to interact with cultural events and share their cultural backgrounds.

Health Care:

  • We aim to cooperate with healthcare agencies and Dubai Healthcare Authority and Ministry in order to:
  • ­   Raise awareness about the recent diseases and the ideal way to deal with it and the best practices.
  • ­   To organize campaigns for diseases awareness especially those diseases that are more likely to happen to women (for example. cervical cancer, breast cancer and osteoporosis.)


  • We aim to cooperate with different educational and societal associations in order to:
  • ­   To contribute in developing the skills and competencies of women to reach decision-making levels in all spheres.
  • ­   To identify and encourage exceptional and talented women and support their initiatives
  • ­   To equip both genders with community management skills in order to be able to play a leading role in their communities.
  • ­   To promote social awareness of women’s issues and their rights, and address the common stereotypes of women and how they are perceived in the society.


  • We aim to support women and give them guidance about horse riding as a sport.
  • We aim to give women advice about horse riding and also share our experience.
  • We aim to help women who want to get into the horse riding sphere and provide them with different options in which they can start riding.


Finance and Sponsorship:

  • We aim to cooperate with official organizations and associations in the UAE to fundraise for important campaigns in order to raise awareness in the society.