About Us

Arabyana was established in November 2006 as initiative of forming the first female horse riding team in the United Arab Emirates. Arabyana team was concerned mostly about horse riding sport. But as Arabyana was growing, they have contributed in many different events in cooperation with different organizations and associations. Arabyana team was reached by a lot of people who wanted to cooperate in different events which were concerned about women and the society. Therefore, Arabyana board members believed that Arabyana team can expand to a non-profit organization in order to contribute to the development of the UAE societal, environmental, cultural and health care activities besides the sport activities.   Arabyana is also aiming to promote global women issues and concerns with the society.

Our Slogan: “Our Right to Ride”

Our Vision: Each person in the society has the right to take the ride to accomplish their dreams and ambitious. Therefore, we aim to support the society groups and individuals to achieve success.

Our Mission:

To be a connecting network between organizations for good causes in order to serve the society and the community of the UAE

Our Values:
  1.   Collaboration   and cooperation
  2.   Empowerment
  3.   Challenge
  4.   Professionalism
  5.   Teamwork
  6.   Innovativeness
  7. Recognition

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