Hanan-presenting 1Hanan Al Mehairi, the CEO of Arabyana NGO has participated in Multaqa Ibdaa “conference” in Feb 20, 2013 and shared her experience regarding the development of Arabyana. Ibdaa conference was held in Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia. Hanan Al Mehairi was very much excited about the Saudi women who shared their experiences in creating different project to serve their communities. The attendees were Saudi business women, projects’ owners and young colleague students who want to make a difference in future. Ibdaa is very unique conference, because all organizers are women, all attendance are women, all speakers are women. Hanan was very amazed by the Saudi Arabian women, as they way they think, and they way that they are very determined to achieve their goals and objectives. Hanan’s session was scheduled with Saudi TV presenter Ms Samira Madani and Ms Amani Al Ajlan. Ms Madani, shared he experience in filming a TV reportage in very serious situation where Saudi Arabia was having an emergency case in the borders. She had this courage to go and shoot and take the risk of dying just to show the families of the soldiers that their men are doing their job towards their beloved country. Ms Al Ajlan on the other hand, was showcasing a new project in twitter which can contribute to one’s income on monthly basis. Ms Al Mehairi shared her own personal experience on how the entire Arabyana NGO was created. She highlighted that, “we were six riders who shared love and passion for horses and we wanted to be the 1st female horse riding team in the United Arab Emirates.” After a number of years, Ms Al Mehairi suggested to expand to NGO during Arabyana board committee members meeting. Ms Al Mehairi said,” if we are just a horse riding team we will only be contributing on the sports affairs but expanding will give us the opportunity to participate in various areas of our community and also will give us the chance to serve women issues in different areas.” Arabyana NGO (2006- early 2013)

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Last Modified: February 25, 2013

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